LAW, Waiming 羅 維明
Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts
Photographer, Illustrator, Designer, Film Maker, Writer, Film Critic

Part-time Lecturer for Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Contract Film Program Curator for Leisure and Cultural Services Department of HKSAR Government

Chief Editor of Filmbiweekly (ala City Entertainment)
Program Coordinator for Hong Kong International Film Festival
Chief Research Officer for Hong Kong Film Archive
TV Film Director for Radio Television Hong Kong

Books Published...
1. Film is Film 電影就是電影
2. Myth of Cinema 電影神話
3. City Feeling 都市感情
4. Raining in the City 雨中城市
5. Endless Summer 夏日無盡
6. Movie Writing 電影文章
7. Travel Around 八方遊
8. Postcard 明信片

1. Joint exhibition in E-Zone, Hong Kong (Drawing)
2. Solo exhibition in 5 Women's cafe, Taipei (Photo)
3. Solo exhibition in Art Museum, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
(Photo composite image, 3D animation, Interactive movie...)


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